August 2, 2010

Health: A Process of Balance

Christiane Northrup, Author of "Womens Bodies, Womens Wisdom", brilliantly highlights how our mind, emotions, attitudes and beliefs begin within and can create illness in the body for a multitude of reasons.
Do you have a reoccurring illness, ache or dis-ease in your body? If so, now is the time to find the message. Illness may pop up do to a past belief that the intellect is not even aware of, but with a couple easy questions and a little inner guidance you can find the meaning behind the pain.

Questions to ask yourself...
1. How did you respond to illness when you were a kid? Spend some time with this, this can take you to understanding what your beliefs may be doing.

2. Where is the pain or dis-ease located in your body? Locating the inflammation is a powerful tool to discover some of the inner emotional baggage that may be stuck in that area.

3. What is the message behind the illness? Stop and go within, see if there is something in you that wants your attention, or if there is something that you are running from. The point is to stop, ask and listen.

If you take the time with yourself, answers will be revealed. We live in a magnificent time in history, where medicine and the power of mind are coming together to create total well-being! Use the knowledge and intuition you have to create wholeness and Harmony in your life.

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