March 29, 2010

The Harvest of Intention

So much of the time, we "say" we want things, but then we "plant seeds" of the very things we do not want. I encourage you to get in touch with what you are truly looking for and then begin to plant those seeds. Here are some examples for the different areas of life:

Regardless of the one you are in, ask yourself what you are looking for? What you are grateful for? What may need some TLC? Then begin to plant those very things.

Money & Prosperity:
Look at all that you have created up to this point. Look for abundance in all the areas of your life and then focus your thoughts upon these things. Speak from this point of view and learn to adjust your perspective to see prosperity when it shows up. Using a lens that looks for the fullness of life is like watering a plant with the purest water.

The body is an amazing machine that functions optimally under strenuous conditions. Making physical health a priority is like the sunshine a plant needs to flourish. What does health mean to you? What area do you need to work on? Create ONE (1) goal this week that shifts your focus back onto health and notice what happens when you achieve that ONE goal!
(*You can achieve anything you think of, it is figuring out the journey that turns it into a reality. The biggest reason for failure is setting unmanageable goals, so you want to create a space that is on track with accomplishment, because accomplishment creates motivation and when motivated you can get things done. You can always do more than your goal, but the most important part is feeling accomplished.)

Happiness the emotional experience that most say they want, but then plant seeds of sadness, anger, discontent and frustration all over their garden. What makes you feel happy? Do that. What makes you smile? Do that. What makes you feel content? Do that. Happiness is like the wind that the plant blows within. It is in the moment, hard to see, but easy to feel.

Create a Pleasant Day!

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