April 5, 2010

Using Affirmations

So much of the time our busy life takes over the way of our soul. Every spring we have an opportunity to be refreshed and renewed. Affirmations are a powerful way to do spring cleaning on your mind and life. They allow us a positive opportunity to rearrange our thoughts and move towards the harmony we were created from. They can be used to reorganize destructive thinking into an innovative place of creation.

When using affirmations it is important to stay true to your current emotion. If you are feeling angry and overwhelmed, saying an affirmation that you are "feeling great" may not be that helpful. But a great way to overcome this bad feeling or thought is by being honest with the current state and then working yourself out of it.

Exercise: Start by identifying what state you are currently in, even if it is bad. Admitting where you are will help you put your feet on the ground so you can then choose to move in a different direction. For example, "I feel tired and unmotivated today." Ok, so this is how you feel, this is your current state of mind and emotion and it is "ok" to be honest with how you feel! This first step is identifying and admitting where we truly are. Next, ask yourself if you want to stay in this feeling? If the answer is no, then it is time to begin walking away from it and this is where your affirmations come into play.

Using affirmations connect you to empowerment thinking and are always written from a positive point of view. So if you are feeling tired, find the opposite of that emotion and create an affirmation around that. The opposite of tired is awake, therefore “I experience an awakening in my mood. I begin to experience alertness and move with positive energy through the rest of my day.” Using affirmations is like using a dumbbell in the gym to strengthen a muscle. You need to do repetitions to get get stronger. Practice your affirmations throughout the day, 3 sets of 15!

Samples of Affirmations to feel better:

Across the landscape of my mind I see beauty. My heart sings a song of melody, in complete harmony with who I am."

"I see royalty within, and honor my Self. I found that happiness is inside all the time and I allow it to come to the surface.”

“I am enjoying this very moment and find bliss every time I simply remember."

"I now see my body as whole and filled with beauty."

"I make the conscious decision to be happy and choose to be nice to myself. I breathe out hatred and inhale love."

"Every decision I make guides me along my path of purpose and harmony.”

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