May 10, 2010


So many people live in the mind frame that money buys freedom. "If I only had more money I could do that, I could have this, and so on and so forth." This feeling, however, of not experiencing freedom has nothing to with dollar bills. It has to do with behavioral patterns and choices.

Freedom is a practice of feeling OK with where you are, when you are there. Freedom is unconditional. It has nothing to do with outer circumstances. And it has everything to do with inner choices.

Today, begin to practice feeling free and OK. If you are in the habit of feeling stuck, trapped or longing for something: STOP! These feelings will not take you to the path of freedom, all they do is help you practice feeling stuck or trapped. If you want freedom or happiness, practice those feelings. Find the freedom of the moment or something you are happy about right now. If you cannot find anything to be happy about; stand up, stretch your body out and try again!

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  1. Thanks! I needed to hear this today. We do get stuck in thoughts and behaviors and think they are normal and forget we can change them.