June 7, 2010

No Fear

Wayne Dyer blends intellectual ideas with a spiritual spin. He quoted: "If you understood who walked beside you at all times, you would never be able to fear." He is suggesting the opportunity we have to connect with a force of greatness. You can call this God, Universe, Higher Power, Spirit, or whatever makes sense to you. However, the important part of this is not the vocabulary you use to describe this experience, but the connection you have with this experience.

If we can try to remember this power through out our day and realize that everything is the way it is supposed to be, you can get a taste of living with this quote. Life happens, good and bad things will come to the surface, however, it is times like these that we need to not fear. We need to remember to connect! Here are some questions you can ask to help your "self" understand what is happening and why it may be happening.

If the situation is:
How am I being asked to grow?
What is in me that is trying to emerge?
How did I set myself up to receive this?

Answering these questions can bring a reflective attitude to the experience, which will cause growth and a positive pathway out of that feeling.

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