September 7, 2010

Releasing Yourself from the Past

"Life must be understood backwards.  However, it must be lived forward."  We can learn incredible lessons from the past, however the next step to successful living is to understand how to use that lesson or information to create a positive future.

When life wants your attention, you may find yourself in a painful situation. Pain is a great teacher and usually  helps you notice when something is out of place, but it is not the pain that is the lesson- it is the message behind it. So, if you have a life ache, follow this sequence to release yourself from the past so you can live in an empowered future!  

1.  Identify What Happened
     Look at the situation at hand and identify what just took place with as little emotion as possible.
2.  Ask Yourself: What is the message is behind this?
     Remember everything that happens is here to teach you something on a deeper level.  If the message is buried deep, the pain may be more intense- but it is just trying to get your attention.  Try to look underneath the pain and see what is there.
3.  Stop & Silently Allow an Inner Answer to Surface
     Go into the classroom of silence and allow your inner self to guide you to a powerful awareness.
4.  Honor the Answer 
     Trust what comes to you in this classroom of silence.  Whatever pops up IS the answer (even if is seems simple, weird, out of left field, etc.).
5.  Release the Pain & Replace with the New Awareness
     After the new awareness is captured in the classroom of silence, release it.  Literally clinch your fists and then let them go; seeing this as a physical way to release the past.  Once you open your fists, place this new found awareness inside and then....
6.  Practice this NEW Awareness
     All personal growth requires practice.  After you have had an awareness it is going to take practice to keep this new thought present.  If thoughts of the past resurface after you have gone through this process, go through steps 2-5 again!  and Practice, Practice, Practice!

Remember:  Pain is a messenger, trying to get your attention.  So stop, ask, learn and grow!

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