September 20, 2010

Your Response is the Choice

Problems, difficulties and dilemmas will always pop up in life and are part of the human process.  But it is in how you respond to these troubles that makes the journey an either pleasant one or an agonizing one.  The choice is yours, here is a simple process to follow to help you create consciousness in your storm and not fall into the boat of misery. 

1.       Connect to Spiritual Thought:
a.       Remember that everything is in the perfect place. No matter what is happening, it is all in the prefect place, at the perfect time and happening in the best way for you to learn the richest lesson. 
2.      Practice Quiet Time
a.       Misery loves noise, if you find yourself in a noisy environment it is very easy to get caught up in the throbbing and aching of the situation.  Quiet down, breathe through it and find a quieter place to put yourself into. 
3.      Define the Dilemma
a.       Ask yourself “What does this dilemma feel like?”  and then think back to the first time you felt this quandary.  Practice bringing it to the surface and then letting it go. 
4.      Find the Other Side
a.       Ask yourself “What is the opposite of this situation? For example if you are in pain, define the pain, (aching, burning, shooting sensation) and then find the opposite.  Maybe it would be a feeling of tranquility, peace or contentment.   Practice connecting to the opposite and focus on that. 

This process will help you get out of the misery thinking and onto a path that will ensure conscious living.  With an aware mind, empowerment will become your opportunity. 

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