September 27, 2010

A Thought for Growth

Think about this:  “What you are looking for, is what is looking?  What does this mean to you?  Spend a moment and contemplate on this idea.

Are you looking for a relationship, money, success, etc.   Well St. Francis of Assisi said it the best. The thing you are looking for, is the authentic spirit, the wholeness that we came from.  Our human brain leads us to think that the outer things; money, relationships, health are the means to experience this inner harmony, but that is false.  The truth is that we have this extraordinary opportunity to get in touch with an essence that is already here and exists within you right now. 

The easiest way to break this down for yourself is to find and identify what it is you are looking for, the thing that your mind tells you everything would be better or ok if you just had this one thing.   Next, ask yourself what feeling is associated with this “thing.”  If the feeling is security or peace, you are now in touch with a deeper level of what you are looking for.  You may think that money brings security, but the truth is money brings more options, and has nothing to do with security.  If you want security, embrace yourself in security, research it, and know that the biggest security you can have is a spiritual  sanctuary.  This already exists within and has nothing to do with money.

I encourage you to look into your desires a little deeper this week.  Find out what it is your are really longing for and then remember it is already within.  

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