October 18, 2010

Acheiving Reliant Serenity

“Everything happens in its perfect timing regardless of how you may judge it. The greatest values you can apply to this occasion are Trust and Patience. And if you blend them together, you will reach the destination of reliant serenity.” -Sophie Skover

What if you believed that everything happened in its perfect timing? How would that change the circumstance you were dealing with? Or how would it affect the way you were feeling about “the thing that was happening”. Whether it be a flat tire, a canceled appointment, or an unexpected phone call, it is all in its perfect timing for all involved. However, in order to really believe this, we need Trust and Patience.

So how do you deal with life’s circumstances that seem so untimely? And how do we get to the point of actually applying trust and patience? Follow the steps below to help yourself work through your circumstance and come out the other end empowered with Trust and Patience.

Activating Your Trust and Patience
1. Begin Trusting the process of life. But how, you may ask? The first step is getting in touch with what trust means to you by asking the following questions. How do you currently experience trust in your life? Who do you trust? When you think of trust what is the picture that comes to mind? Once you are familiar with your understanding of trust, you will be closer to the application of “Trusting the process of life.”

2. Practice Believing: “It all happens in the perfect order for the best interest of all involved.” This second step to will help your belief system to remember perfect order. When you read the statement above, what is your first thought or feeling? Write it down and look at it. This is a clue of what is going on in terms of spiritual trust. Next, begin practicing the affirmation: "Everything happens in perfect order for the best of all concerned."

3. Activate your Endurance. While you may be waiting for something to happen or end, it is important to have faith that when it is the perfect time, it will show up! You may think that you are ready for whatever it is you are “waiting for”, however, if it is not here, there is a reason for that. Look for the areas that you are currently growing in due to the circumstance. Those areas are probably more meaningful than you realize. Then practice steps 1 and 2 and wash, rinse, repeat until you feel patient and trusting.

Life gives us many opportunities to grow, we can chose to see a situation and how it limits us, or we can choose to see the same situation and how it is encouraging us to grow. We never stop growing here on Earth and circumstances are there for the same reason. Stop and practice a different approach to your next dilemma or “untimely” circumstance and watch what happens!


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