October 25, 2010

Mental Awareness

What we think about is reflected through our words.  Kahlil put such an eloquent flow to this idea, by saying that the words we use show us what we think about, which can then help us get in touch with our beliefs, which are deeper within, that create our perspective on life. 

 Becoming more mentally aware will help you create the life you desire to live.  You can begin listening to your vocabulary, the language you use and expressions you say, to get in tune with what it is that you are spending your energy thinking about, consciously and /or unconsciously.

Words to listen for:
 1.  Should.  Whenever we use the word “should” you are unconsciously putting yourself in a powerless position which requires defense.  Instead, try substituting in “could”.  This will give you your power back and show you all the possibility and action you can take in your life. 

2.  “I don’t want…” When I ask people what it is that they want, 8 out of 10 people will respond with, “well, I don’t want to be stressed” or (fill in the blank).  However, I didn’t ask them what they do “not” want, I asked them what they “do” want.  So instead of “not” wanting to be something, start to ask yourself what is it that you “do” want.  An easy way to do this is begin noticing all that you don’t want and then look for the opposite.  The best thing to start with is simply noticing how much you talk about what you don’t want, and then changing the sentence to reflect the contrary to the “not”.

 3.  Too Difficult.  Problem.  These words are from the perspective of defeat.  Exit the defeat and enter the challenge.  Anytime you see something as a “problem” or “too difficult” try replacing it with “growth opportunity” or “challenge”.  This puts you in a power position to become ready to grow into the challenge and become a better you.  Start with replacing these words and you will be well on your way to becoming more mentally aware!

Mental awareness is a process of observation and experience that will result in an intellectual, wakefulness and mindfulness.  Practice these first three steps to begin to change the type of crumbs that are falling from your mind.  

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