November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving, The Food Holiday!

Thanksgiving, a day of family, food, football, gratitude, and an abundance of calories! Have trouble dealing with all the food?  Feel overwhelmed and bloated by the end of the day? Follow this simple holistic program (before the day begins) to help yourself get balanced for the day! 

Being Mentally Alert
·         Empty your mind in the morning by journaling for five minutes.  *Remember what goes in, must come out!
·         Make a list of 10 things you are grateful for. (and be ready to share it with people)
·         Journal about how you want this day to go. 

Practicing Emotional Balance
·         Ask yourself what dominant emotion you are feeling today? *Journal about it before hand or you will likely experience this feeling throughout the day.
·         Bring a little journal with you that can fit in your pocket or purse.  If something happens, go in the bathroom and answer these three questions: 
1.      What just happened? 
2.      What emotion am I feeling?
3.      How would my best self choose to respond to this?

 Activating Physical Wellbeing
·         Move your body and break a sweat for 30 minutes before you take a shower and get dressed.
·         Eat your regular meals throughout the day.
·         During the Festivities: go for low calorie drinks, choose veggies over crackers, and socialize away from the food!
·         Allow yourself great and tasty foods, but chew each bite at least 15- 25 times. 
·         Stop before you think it’s too much :) * Make a plate of your leftovers, put it in the fridge and wait two hours before finishing.  

Connecting Spiritually
·         Sit with yourself in silence and take 10 deep breaths, breathing in positive energy and exhaling anything you don't want.  
·         If you currently meditate: meditate for 15-30 minutes before you get going.
·         Find that place of wellness inside of you, so you can activate it later in the day.
·         Invite love into your life! 

Follow all these steps before you get going on Thanksgiving and then live in consciousness for the rest of the day!  Happy Thanksgiving from LSS Harmony!

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