December 6, 2010

Visualization and How to Use It

The Law of Attraction states that we are creating, attracting and bringing to us what we are focusing on and thinking about most.  Even if the dominant thought is on something undesirable, your focus and attention is directed at it, bringing that thing right into your experience.  Thought is creation.  If one begins to feel tired, how does that feeling present itself? First as a thought or feeling in the head or body, compelling one to lay down and satisfy the feeling.  So the sequence goes: thought, feeling, motivation for action and then manifestation.  
Visualization is the process of getting in touch with what you want, and then proactively beginning to imagine this.  It can be disrobe as daydreaming with a purpose.  There are two types of visualization: quiet and active.  Here are some steps on how to use them.   

Quite Visualization
·         Center yourself.  Sit Back and take a couple deep breaths to center yourself for this quiet time. 
·         Begin by imagining something you would like to manifest.  Pick one goal to work with in this moment and picture this with your mind’s eye, with as many details as you can.
·         Creating a vivid positive mental picture.  There are no limits to this.  Your visualization could be a healing of some sort, a situation, relationship, an object, purpose, career, your perfect home or whatever it is that is in your heart. 
·         Focus on what it feels like to already have this.  What does it look like? What does it feel like? What emotions come to the surface as you have this?  Imagine yourself as having being and experiencing this now.   See yourself in this mental picture. 
·         Be with it.  Now sit with this for a couple minutes and surround it with all your positive energy and be with this picture as it is happening now. 
·         Wrapping up Visualizing.  Now take a couple deep breaths and gradually bring yourself back into the moment. 
·         Let go and release this experience.   Imagine that clear mental picture floating away from you so that it can attract all that it needs to manifest for you.  This act of releasing is an important part of the process.  Allow yourself to be with this experience and gradually come back.

Active Visualization
·         Begin Focusing on what you Want, over what you DO NOT want.  So much of the time, people keep their attention and focus on what they do not wish to have.  Although this habit will bring these things closer to you.  Turn your attention to what you wish to create and watch what happens. 
·         Save pictures of things that make you feel good.  As you go through your life start to notice all the different things that inspire a positive reaction in you.  If you are looking through a magazine and come across a picture, word, or article; tear it out and save it. 
·         Create a Collage.  This can be called a vision board or your manifest book.  The idea behind this is to put energy into creating what you want and experiencing how that feels. 

In this lifetime we can have whatever we want.  Forming a clear picture of what you want can truly help you manifest your hearts desires.  Everything you feel in your heart is the whisper of your ultimate purpose.  When you feel good, you are on track.  When you don’t feel good, take the time to find what feels good and reconnect to your purpose.  Get in touch with what you really want, believe you can have it and watch it manifest over time, be patient with the process. 

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