December 20, 2010

Practicing Faith

What does faith mean? 
v  An act of undisturbed belief in an eternal connection to God. 
v  A place of knowing, being and acting upon. 
v  Firm belief in something for which there is no proof. 
v  Believing it, before you see it. 
v  The knowing of something out there that is bigger than is and taking care of the details.

         How to practice Faith:
v  Start to journal about your faith and what this means to you by answering these questions:
§ Who am I as a spiritual being?
§  What does God/ Divine Intervention/ Source Energy mean to you?
§  What is your current relationship with spirituality?
§  How do you currently practice faith? 
§  What is one experience I have had where I know spirituality was present? 
v  Trust that there is something in here that is so great, it keeps your body alive.

 Once you see it you do not need to believe it, so faith is the unseen components of belief.  Faith creates peace and comfort and can be used as a major tool in your life.  Faith is the zip code of being ok, so practice having faith today!  

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