December 13, 2010

Creating Your Reality

We have the power to create our reality.  The mind, not being limited to the brain, but rather the command center, gets its instructions from thought.  Once the thought is recognized, the conscious creating mind begins to focus in on this desire and attract to it what it needs to begin manifestation. 
The desires that pop up in our consciousness are the whispers from God to help you achieve what you are on Earth for. Everything that we desire is already present in the spiritual realm, and our purpose here is to learn how to bring it into physical form.  In order to do this, we need to re-program our thinking.  Follow these simple steps to get in touch with what you are currently creating and how to create what you want!

How to Re-program your thinking in five simple steps:
1.      Understand, “I become what I believe.”
o   For example; I am sick, sends poison down through the system and the instructions are clear, only notice everything that hurts and makes you feel bad.  When the reader transforms this affirmation into; I am well, the mind unlocks everything in the command center to make this happen.  The mind begins say, do you hear that, unlock the healing, its time!
2.      Speak, act, talk, walk, and dress as if it has already happened
o   Think about what it is that you truly desire for your life.
o   Journal about what your life would look and feel like if this desire were already here.
3.      Focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want.
o   The importance of focusing on what you want helps your conscious mind begin to notice those very things.
o   This helps send a message through your system to send out the right instructions.
o   For example, have you ever bought a specific car and then noticed that car all over?  Well, was there a new huge shipment of that car in your area?  Probably not.  What changed was your perspective and what you are now noticing.  It is the same concept for focusing in on what you want.   
4.      Use Affirmations to help your brain understand where you want to go.
o   Affirmations are positive statements that are said with repetition.   
o   For example:  I live in peace in this current moment.  I now see my body as whole and filled with beauty.  I make the conscious decision to be happy.  I choose to be nice to myself.  I breathe out hatred and inhale love.  Every decision I make guides me into my perfect body, image and life.
5.      Believe it and then you will see it. 
o   Practice Faith, the step before reality.
o   Once you see it there is no need for faith.
Allow your desires to come to the surface and then plant these desires in your mind through using faith, water it with affirmations, and believe in yourself.  It is up to you to come and get it.  It already has your name on it.  Let your desires take root through practicing faith.  There are bigger things in your spirit than you may know what to do with, but when you know that you are a proactive creator, these things appear in your reality!  Conceive it on the inside and receive it on the outside.

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