May 14, 2012

Do YOU need a Life Coach?

Have you ever said to yourself...

1.  I never have enough time.
2.  I feel like the world is against me.
3.  I don't know how to deal with this person.
4.  I cannot seem to lose weight.
5.  I am always tired.
6.  I have ADHD, that is why I cannot concentrate.
7.  I do not know what I am here for.
8.  I am sick of fighting with ______________.
9.  Why can't I find the right person.

      ....If so, Life Coaching could transform your world! 
         Give it a try with our great summer specials!  

-Phone Sessions Available
-We accept cash, check, credit, or PayPal

(Offer valid through 6/1/12   .   
Regular Hourly session = $150)

What others are saying about Life Coaching…

“I started coaching and lost those 20 stubborn pounds!”
“I was miserable at my job and through coaching I recognized my purpose, changed my life and now have a satisfying vocation.”
“After just one session with Sophie I was able to better prioritize things in my life.”
“I’ve made astounding progress in my life, including getting teacher of the year and getting engaged to the love of my life.” 
“It’s like I finally turned on the faucet of positive thoughts and actions in my life”

Are you ready to live a life that feels great? 

Contact LSS Harmony today!

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