September 24, 2012

Controlling Anger in the Workplace

Have you ever been at work that included more yelling than calm discussion? Or seen a co-worker throw an object across the room out of frustration? Maybe you’ve to hire a criminal defense attorney to fight a case against a boss who was out of line.
anger management
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Anger in the workplace can be common and if you ever find your temper flaring at work, evaluate your thought processes and try the following: 

Controlling Your Own Anger
1. Ask questions to discover whether your perceptions are accurate. The authors of Resolving Conflicts at Work say that, “without making judgments or fixing blame, ask questions to find out more about what happened, so you can get to the bottom of what triggered your anger.”

2. Voice your opinion, but be OK with the result. Agee believes it’s a good idea to share your frustrations about a decision or outcome, but you must also acknowledge that the end result may not change. “Be prepared to make your points about why this decision upsets or concerns you, but be sure that these points are valid and that you can defend them,” Agee said. “Then you must be willing to listen to why the decision was made. You must also be willing to accept that the decision stands, and you must be on board with it and support it.”

3. Practice forgiveness. Experts at the Mayo Clinic say that when you fail to forgive, you can be “swallowed up by your own bitterness or sense of injustice. But if you can forgive someone who angered you, you might both learn from the situation.” Learn to let go and move on.

One final tip: breathe deep, refocus your emotions, think positive, listen to your favorite music, and separate yourself from frustrating situations. Perhaps today’s popular T-shirt slogan, “Keep Calm and Carry On,” couldn’t be more appropriate when it comes to this topic! Thank you to Paula Agee, SPHR, for providing her expertise on workplace conflicts. Paula is the HR Services Manager – Outsourcing for Integrity HR, Inc.

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