December 10, 2012

Managing Stress: Part 2

A C T I O N 
Events will happen in life that make you feel threatened or upset your balance in some way.  Instead of reacting, first try to become aware of your stress. This awareness will help you better choose your response instead of finding yourself in a reaction.  Stress can become an opportunity to grow and develop rather than being a drain on our life force.  The choice is yours.  The next step in transforming this process is action.   

Begin to take action by following these tips: 
Scale down your to-do List:
  • Analyze your schedule
  • Create a system that works for you and helps you become efficient and organized
Know What you are Feeling:
  • Appropriately express your feelings in an open and respectful way 
  • Communicate for a breakthrough, not a breakdown
Change Your Language:
  • Turn Problem/ Challenge/ Difficulty -> into Opportunity 
  • Turn Should -> into Could
  • Turn Always -> into Sometimes
  • Turn “I don’t want” -> into "I DO want" 
Be willing to Compromise:
  • If you ask someone else to do something, be willing to do it yourself
  • Be flexible
Own and Manage Your Time Effectively:
  • Plan ahead
  • Make sure you don’t over extend yourself
Stay calm, relaxed and balanced, and next week we will learn how to adapt!

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