December 17, 2012

Managing Stress: Part 3

Life offers us many opportunities to grow, if we chose to look at it that way.  The storms of life will always come and being prepared on how to handle yourself when these storms hit will be the difference between being stressed out, or being mindful and aware of how to respond.  

When disturbing things in life that happen that make you feel threatened or upset your balance in some way, it is called stress.  The next step in this process is not to react, but instead adapt.  

Begin to ADAPT to the Flow of life by following these tips: 
See the Big Picture 
  • Ask yourself: “Will this matter in a year?” 
  • If the answer is no, it is not worth your time, attention or focus in this moment. 
  • If the answer is Yes, get out your journal and deal with what you are feeling.  
Look at what you value 
  • If you have currently been under a lot of pressure or tension, take a look at what you are valuing and focusing on. 
  • For example: working too many hours could mean you value being seen as a hard worker. 
  • Other areas to look at: money, time, relaxation, health, sleep, tv, etc.  
Focus on the Positive 
  • Practice looking at all you have in your life.
  • Make a Gratitude list of 5 new things you are grateful everyday, non-repeating!
  • Notice your positive qualities and gifts, and then share them with those around you.  

My hope for you is that you are beginning to stay calm in the storm, are practicing dealing with your real feelings, and are choosing to be relaxed and balanced!  Next week we will learn how to accept!

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