June 28, 2010

Believe in Yourself

Your dream, or vision for your life, has been placed inside of you to give you guidance on how to live your life. Your inner passion or dream is like your navigator that says yes go this way, or no this is not your path. Regardless of the outcome, when you follow your path, you are always in the right place.

A wise woman once said, the four steps to success are show up, pay attention, speak your truth and stay detached from the outcome. This relates to your dream one-hundred percent! If something comes into your life, and says go this way, GO, follow it! You have to take action, this is your part of SHOWING UP. The next step is pay attention. Listen to what is around you, keep your focus and be awake and aware of what is going on, who you may be talking to, etc. This step is very important: PAY ATTENTION. The next part is crucial, Speak Your Truth. The truth placed inside of you is yours. This is the song of your heart, the way you string words together, the knowing that you are connected to. This is the place you want to speak from, YOUR TRUTH. And the most important step is to stay DETACHED from the outcome. A lot of the time, we have no idea why things come into our life. They may be the next step for our personal growth, here to take us to a new chapter of life, or to teach a valuable lesson. If you can stay detached you are more likely to take what you need from the experience, this is DETACHMENT and allows you to peacefully continue along your path. This step is crucial in staying true to your vision. Do you want something that is not on your path, or out of alignment with your dream? If you want something and it does not show up, it is not the best thing for you! Trust that!

Acceptance of how your path unfolds will give you peace through the journey. So remember, "Go after what you want and is in your heart! Believe in yourself and your path, be persistent and stay detached from how the greatness unfolds in your life."

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