July 12, 2010

Classroom of Silence

Matthew Kelly, in the "Rhythm of Life", writes about the classroom of silence and how important it is for us to be able to sit with ourselves in silence. Silence is where peace emerges, visions become clear, and inner connections happen. This silence can be a form of prayer, meditation, inner focus or whatever word fits for you. The point is to stop and "be."

We spend our lives doing and having and when we enter the classroom of silence it allows us to stop and become. His suggestion is to sit in silence for an hour a day! If this seems like a little too much, start with five minutes and just sit in stillness. Your body may protest and tell you it needs to shift positions after about 30 seconds, or start to tell you to scratch that itch. This is only the body showing its habit of doing, and not being. If you can resist that itch or uncomfortable position, you will begin to find that inner peace that many spiritual leaders talk about!

Enter the classroom of silence today and discover that inner peace you have been longing for!

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