August 20, 2012

Getting Mentally Clear

Motivation, mental clarity, and organization are all the result of a balanced, healthy, and functioning mind.  Cognitive disorganization and laziness can be a sign that your mind may be out of balance.  The mind not being limited to the brain  has three levels; chatter, cognition, and the now.  When any of those levels is out of balance you can feel lazy, unmotivated, or blocked.  The first step is to recognize that you have power over your chattering mind and can control it by using a simple shush.  All you have to do is become aware of when you are chattering and then silence it.  Next, stay solution oriented when you are thinking. Once you find a solution there is no longer a reason to be in your cognitive thoughts.  This then releases you into the now.  The now is mostly peaceful and calm, this is what our life is made up of.  When we learn to come into the now and spend the majority of our time here, it becomes very simple to be motivated, clear and organized, because all those things happen in the now! Practicing this technique will free you to make goals and take positive actions to accomplish them! > to read more click ink below

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