August 21, 2012

The Rock Project

Have you ever felt stuck in a bad feeling and had no idea how to get out of it? When you learn how to truly embrace your feelings, it only takes 90 seconds for the feeling to move through your entire body.  So if you feel you have been with a feeling for longer than that, it's probably an indication that you're ready to learn how to better process your feelings.

One of the assignments I have my clients do is The Rock Project.  I first start them off by filling out a worksheet of two columns, one with emotions or feelings that feel good and then the other column is for bad feelings.  They go through all the emotions they feel, jot them down, and then are asked to find the opposite of that emotion.  After they fill out the worksheet I have them take the "good" column as the road map to seeing what they want to feel.

The next step is to take a field trip to the beach to collect rocks.  Living here is South Florida makes this part easy, but you can always go to a nearby lake or creek.  The point is to go into nature and see how everything that we need is already there--in an endless supply!

They collect 30 rocks, then write one good feeling (from the worksheet) on each rock. People have gotten as creative as they desire with this part.  Next, get two jars (one to put all your rocks in, and one to place each rock after you have used it).  Then comes the fun part, for the next thirty days, I ask them to choose a rock and practice feeling that good feeling all day. For instance, if they choose self-worth, I ask them to marinate themselves in self-worth thoughts like, how would my self-worth respond to this situation? Or during the day, what does self-worth feel like within me right now?

Once they go through all 30 rocks they can then keep them in a jar as a pretty keepsake and reminder of all that now lies within!  If you would like to do this assignment, please and we will send you all the directions and materials for FREE! (photographs of the rocks, courtesy of a beautiful client!) 

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