August 13, 2012

Why "good" people make "bad" decisions

Good people make bad decisions because of their unconscious belief structure.  Our actions come from our thoughts, which come from our beliefs. A “good” person may make a “bad” decision because they are not in harmony with their beliefs, thoughts and then actions.  It has actually been stated that happiness is when your thoughts, words and actions are all in harmony.  With that being said, a bad decision probably comes from a lack of inner harmony.  In our culture we are taught practical and logical skills in our traditional school system, so when it comes to being in harmony in life, we are left with a huge gap in our self-development resource. 

Some practical tools you can use to re-train this cycle is to first become aware of your thinking.  Begin to look at your thoughts and notice what you think about and internally reiterate.  This will show you where your mind is.  Then you can use this information to begin to tune into your belief structure.  For instance, if you think the thought “my life is ok now, I hope it stays this way.” That is an example that you believe that good things don’t last.  When you recognize this inner fear and belief you can then begin to change it deep down by replacing that belief with a repetitive statement of “good things continually come into and stay in my life” and say that to yourself multiple times every day.  Once you begin saying that to yourself you will begin to believe it.  Your actions will eventually aluminate this new belief and you will be acting in harmony with yourself and begin making decisions that are in synergy with your beliefs.  

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